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Fire Starters set of 3

Fire Starters set of 3

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Aroma Blend

Our fantastic fire starters are a perfect addition to any cozy night around a fire. With a hand-poured beeswax base, our fire starters are designed to provide a safe and efficient way to start a warm and aromatic blaze. The natural and comforting scents arise to tantalize the senses and help set an amazing ambiance, no matter the occasion.  

To use: build up forewood and kindling in a fire place or fire pit as you normally would. Light fire starter and put it at the base of the pile, add more kindling if needed. 


Available in 4 Aromatic Experiences:


Dirty Chai

Our Dirty Chai Fire Starter is our favorite choice when it comes to making the coziest fire you ever could imagine. The Dirty Chai is hand created with cinnamon, star anise, clove, cardamom, traditional masala chai mix and instant coffee. Whether you’re reminiscing on a cozy fall day or relaxing after a long beach day, the Dirty Chai provides a feeling of warmth and comfort that enhances any night around a fire.


Mellow Meadow

Our Mellow Meadow Fire Starter is the perfect way to create the best spa-like ambiance right at home. The Mellow Meadows is hand created with a mix of foraged grasses, lemongrass, ginger leaves, eucalyptus and all spice. Whether you’re indulging on a self-care day or need a few moments to relax, the Mellow Meadows enhances any fire to promote tranquility and peacefulness.


Foraged Fortune

Our Forage Fortune Starter is such an easy and amazing way to reconnect with nature and ground yourself with clarity. With earthy aromatics the Forage Fortune is hand created with a mix of foraged grasses, foraged rosemary, palo santo, white sage and bay leaf. The Forage Fortune provides a cleansing and natural space to reflect and connect.


Love Reigns

Our Love Reigns Fire Starter is the best way to set the mood on a romantic night spent around the fire. The Love Reigns is hand created with cacao, coconut, sandalwood, rose, cinnamon and coconut sugar. Creating a comfortable and sexy ambiance on date night is so easy with the Love Reigns Fire Starter. A cozy flame with an aroma of romance, date night will never be the same!



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