Collection: The Crystal Collection

The Original  Crystal Candle Collection, the very first products of Fernwick Artisans. The candles are called Crystal candles because each candle was crafted out of a different vintage crystal piece chosen by Courtney Colletta (owner) from her mother's (Martyna) collection of crystal dishes and glasses. Using liquid silicone each beloved piece was cast into a candle mold and used to create stunningly unique modern candles. Using something old to create something new is a fun and rewarding process.


We make all of our candles and lots of other products using natural beeswax. We choose beeswax because it is the safest, cleanest, longest burning and beneficial wax there is. We use orgain hemp wick because it burns beautifully, is sustainable and it's a bit of a darker wick which is how we like our candles to look.