Collection: Witchy Collection

The Witchy Collection is a year round offering, although this collection was launched in the spooky season they will be sold all year round.


As the creator and owner wears a lot of black, has tattoos and piercings, likes snakes, decorates with skulls and skeletons, makes drafts and collects rocks and crystals it's all on brand and that was intentional. So these candles were very much in line with what we enjoy and love to make. Most of the candle molds used to make the candles were all purchased, except for the potion bottles. The Potion Bottle Set is an actual set of green glass bottles the owner's mother collected at an antique mall and were cast in liquid silicone to make candle molds. 


This collection is made with all natural beeswax, we also use hemp wicks and make them with lots of love.